Why Rishi Sunak Lost? Know The Big Reasons Behind it.

Liz Truss will be the new Prime Minister of Britain. The Conservative Party on Monday announced the leader of the House of Commons (the lower house of parliament). Truss got more than 81 thousand votes. At the same time, Sunak had to be satisfied with only 60 thousand votes. Former finance minister Rishi Sunak was ahead in the race from the very beginning. At the same time, Foreign Minister Liz Truss was not even in the top two initially. In the internal voting between the MPs in the party, Rishi Sunak was far ahead of the rest of the leaders and the truss, but now that the scope of voting in this race has increased to the party workers, then Rishi Sunak went behind in the race.

Rishi Sunak was the most popular among Conservative Party MPs, But why he lost out to Liz Truss in the final stages? Let’s know the reason for this

In 2019, Boris Johnson became the Prime Minister by winning the election. After this, the charge of the Finance Ministry of Britain came to Rishi Sunak. However, in 2020 itself, like the whole world, there was a tremendous wave of corona in Britain. The situation was that there was a lockdown in the country and lakhs of people lost their jobs. During this, Sunak was under a lot of pressure to provide financial help to the unemployed and cut tax rates. While Sunak played an important role in financially strengthening Britain during the Corona period, some leaders from the Labor Party to his own party questioned him for not reducing tax rates.

Even in the debate on the post of PM, Sunak made statements against the tax cut, which sent a negative message to the voters. Liz Truss, on the other hand, also talked about tax cuts to more spending in difficult situations. He has argued that despite the fiscal deficit in difficult times, the government should spend more. His message was considered by the voters as a step against inflation. However, while economists have praised Sunak, the truce promises are hollow.

Rishi Sunak is not originally from England or any country in Britain. Both these things are very important in terms of becoming Prime Minister in Britain. Actually, in the history of this country till date no one has got the post of Prime Minister other than the British. Experts believe that in an old democracy like Britain, it is quite shocking not to have such diversity so far.

After Sunak and Truss presented the candidature for the post of PM, where Sunak continued to have an edge over the rest of the rivals in the voting done by the MPs, as soon as two lakh workers of the Conservative Party were responsible for voting for the final election for the post of PM. In the same way, Sunak went behind the truss in all the surveys. If reports are to be believed, Sunak found little support among Britain’s elderly and experienced workers. He is supported only by the youth, whose number in the Conservative Party is close to six per cent.

Recently it was revealed that Sunak’s wife Akshata has not paid tax of around 20 million pounds . Actually, Akshata has a 0.93 percent stake in her father Narayana Murthy’s company Infosys. Akshata was accused of not paying tax on the income earned from this earning.

While being the Finance Minister, Sunak later talked about conducting an inquiry into the matter. He argued that his wife’s earnings are outside the UK, so she does not pay taxes in the UK. However, later Akshata promised to pay tax on the earnings from Infosys as well. However, by the time this clarification came from his side, Sunak was already damaged.

A big and serious allegation that has been leveled against Rishi Sunak is that of going against Prime Minister Boris Johnson while he was the Finance Minister. In fact, Conservative Party workers consider Sunak to be the reason behind Boris Johnson’s resignation. They believe that Rishi Sunak was the first to resign against Boris Johnson and created an atmosphere against him in the entire cabinet. Soon, several ministers left their posts to put pressure on Johnson. Eventually Johnson himself was forced to step down as PM.

According to British political experts, Sunak’s resignation in this way in protest against Johnson and after that to present himself for the post of PM sent a wrong message among the voters. An expert has even said that the image of Sunak is like Brutus, who had fraudulently killed Julius Caesar, the ruler of Italy at this time. He had to bear the brunt of it against the Truss.

During the election campaign, Sunak has been accused of not giving up his green card even after returning to the UK after studying in the US. Actually, Sunak, born in Southampton, studied in America. It was here that he met Akshata Murthy. Both continued to work in the US after their marriage in 2009. Sunak-Akshata also owns a 5 million pound penthouse in California.Although dual citizenship is valid in Britain, Sunak’s opponents in the Conservative Party considered it a serious issue. Many leaders raised questions that if the next Prime Minister of the country is looking for opportunities to stay in America, then it is regrettable. Sunak himself had also admitted that he kept the green card with him for 18 months after being the Finance Minister and surrendered it in October 2021.

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