Top 10 Best Male Actors Working Today, According to Ranker

Robert De Niro is most well-known for his movies in the 70s to 90s


Robert De Niro

The Australian actor is most well known for playing Wolverine in the X-Men movie series


Hugh Jackman

The only English actor on this list, Gary Oldman is renowned for his versatility


Gary Oldman

Easily the most prolific actor on the list, the 73-year-old Jackson has appeared in over 150 films.


Samuel L. Jackson

Brad Pitt is one of the most famous actors in the world and starred in some of the highest-grossing movies of the 2000s.


Brad Pitt

A veteran of stage and screen, Denzel Washington is one of our most accomplished  actors


Denzel Washington

Robert Downey Jr. started acting at the age of five in his father's movie, Pound


Robert Downey Jr.

Depp's breakout came in the late 1980s for his role in the series 21 Jump Street


Johnny Depp

Freeman has perhaps the most recognizable voice in Hollywood


Morgan Freeman

Widely considered the actor of his generation, Leonardo DiCaprio has cemented his place in history as one of the greatest actors ever


Leonardo DiCaprio

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